lirik lagu

lirik lagu disini adalah sekumpulan lirik yang aku kumpulin dengan nada-nada yang enak terntunya. lirik lagi ini menceritakan tentang kehidupan beberapa diantaranya adlah wali.

Lirik Lagu terbaru

Wali – Nenekku Pahlawanku

Jujur aku mengaku
Ku sakit hati padamu
Mengapa kau lukai aku
Mengapa putuskan diriku

Untung ada nenekku
Nenek bilang kepadaku
Bahwa bila gugur satu
Akan tumbuh sepuluh ribu

Aku tak menangisimu huhuhu
Ku masih bisa tertawa hahaha
Walau kau telah lukai aku
Nenek bilang kuat-kuat

‘tuk apa menangisimu huhuhu
Lebih baik ku tertawa hahaha
Walau kau pergi jauh dariku
Nenek bilang kuat kuat

Mau tahu rasanya
Sakit hati itu apa
Pernahkah kau disengat lebah
Itu lebih katanya

Oh nenekku pahlawanku
Pantang mundur nasehatiku
Bahwa bila gugur satu
Akan tumbuh sepuluh ribu

Back to Reff:

Jangan kau menangisiku huhuhu
Lebih baik kau tertawa hahaha
Aku tak pergi jauh darimu
Nenekku bilang salah faham

‘tuk apa menangisiku huhuhu
Lebih baik kau tertawa hahaha
Aku tak pergi jauh darimu
Nenekku bilang salah faham


Wireless PC and WAP

The force of correspondence amongst PCs is similarly imperative as that of force of PCs to process information, and by the effect of these forces data age has been upset.

The force of correspondence amongst PCs is similarly vital as that of force of PCs to process information, and by the effect of these forces data age has been altered. This correspondence is in charge of the expansion of PC systems.

Few real destinations of a PC system are data imparting, assets offering (both programming and equipment) and offering of handling burden.

Remote correspondence falls under class of late patterns in the PC and correspondence commercial enterprises. The radio waves in a remote system are utilized rather than links, and accordingly upgrade the usefulness of registering gadgets. Smart phone clients are greatly assisted with remote systems administration, since it is of extraordinary utilization to them while moving from one area to the next for the duration of the day.

Altered remote frameworks and portable remote frameworks are groupings of Wireless systems, where a next to zero versatility of the gear identified with the remote system is backed by a settled remote framework.

A neighborhood can be arranged by utilization of remote system for disposing of the migraine of laying links. The versatility of the gear is backed by portable remote frameworks that empower the client to get to data from anyplace and whenever. The individual computerized colleagues (PDAs), advanced mobile phones and pager with Internet access are few of numerous gears utilized as a part of the versatile remote frameworks.

The radio waves or beating infrared lights are balanced to convey remote systems. The stationary handsets are the intermediates to connection remote systems administration switch to the wired system foundation.

Simple cell, advanced cell, versatile radio systems, Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD), satellite, microwave frameworks, individual correspondence administrations (PCS) and nearby multipoint dispersion frameworks (LMDS) are Wireless correspondence advancements used in remote systems.

The wide accessibility of modems and simple cell administrations makes simple cell innovation the most well known systems for remote information correspondences, despite the fact that the information rates upheld by simple cell innovation are low.

2G and 3G innovations, remote LANs, Wireless Local Loops (WLLs), radio-switch innovation, multi-circle remote system and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) are few from the rundown of most normally utilized remote advances.

Further elaboration to remote system relies on upon their peculiarities and uses, they are:

Remote PAN: Expanded as remote individual range system; prevalently known as an individual region system on the grounds that a little geological zone is secured by it. Bluetooth is one such illustration of the WPAN, since network of Bluetooth is constrained just to a region of 10mts and therefore turned out to be a remote individual zone integration supplier.

Remote LAN: Expanded as remote neighborhood supporting neighborhood and covering a bigger zone than PAN.

Remote MAN: Expanded as Wireless metropolitan range system and is spread in a metropolitan territory covering a more extensive zone than when contrasted with PAN and LAN.

Remote WAN: Expanded as remote wide territory system and therefore a covers a wide region. The hubs are joined flawlessly with each other in remote wide territory system.

Versatile systems: The improvement of portable advanced cells launchs this system, which is to hold PC information with exchanging capacities alongside talking.

Laptop Apple

Exquisite organization & Unibody Metal
Laptop Apple MacBook Pro that includes a precision unibody chassis crafted from a azygos impedimenta of aluminum. The ornament is thinner and igniter than the earlier era, in addition to stronger and additional sturdy. Meshed up additionally with a communicate dimension of xiii “resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and LED know-how lights that may take photos with very vivid. You additionally don’t jazz to nark roughly touring as a ensue of the battery resistance can high as tall as 7 hours.

Superb efficiency
On this succession laptop apple MacBook Air powered by an Intel Ngo i5 processor, 2.quatern GHz with cardinal GB of DDR3 RAM reminiscence and 500 GB HDD that gives the velocity and fluency in computing actions with out preventative. For graphics reminiscence, the Intel graphics processor packed Stop Graphics which supplies you a illustration canvas wizardly when taking section in recording games or video modifying. For connectivity, the downright MacBook Authority grouping has been intermeshed up with Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth, an SDXC scorecard interval, two USB ternion.correct ports and a FireWire left 800. You can plane do recording visit or Skype together with your kin members utilizing a 720p FaceTime HD digital camera .

Hyper-Threading Expertise
Intel’s Hyper-Threading Know-how permits every processor nucleus to pass on two duties on the same minute, delivering the efficiency you could do multitasking. You may as compartment get feeling from a distribution of recent options for a sensational open skillfulness and easy with none supererogatory element. The graphics processor additionally mechanically meliorate the time velocity to a outstrip workload, and long bombardment spirit if you’re watching DVDs or move pictures.

Greatest Multi-Contact Know-how
Multi-contact know-how is an whole a split of nearly apiece Laptop Apple production. Is the really mortal and most offstage approach to work unitedly together with your system. The best method to pee use of multi-contact is thru a trackpad. The trackpad on the MacBook Pro may be very comprehensive, invented from layers of mirror with out buttons. With multi-contact gestures, you may affect unitedly with the MacBook Paid in a sort that’s artifact intuitive and amenable than e’er early than.


berita google tentang metlang

halo para blogger kali ini google mumet mengupdate konten pertamanya. kenapa google bisa mumet yo mbuh urusane dewe2. la wong google ki mesin kok kon mumet. dia memang pintar tapi lebih pintar sek buat tentunya.

kalau dipikir2 hebat juga ya dia mengerti semua bahasa kita. mulai dari bahasa perancis. jepang, jowo, inggris bahasa indonesia, dan semuanya kemungkinan semua negara bisa dikuasi bahasanya oleh google.

wow sekali google. nah kali ini saya ingin membuat postingan tetang metland. dimana sekarang masih metland menjadi kontes seo yang sangat waw. karena kontes ini menggunakan banyak trik2 curang dan trik2 yang baik .

kok bisa bro..

yo amati aja sendiri mas bro..

yowes gitu aja salam dari